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Download M4.EXE installation files


To download the M4 installation files click on the link below.  If M4 already is installed on the computer the uninstall program has to be run before installing a new version.

Install M4  (4 MB, compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, updated 2013-03-08). Note: if installing this version of M4 in the same folder as the XP-version, uninstall the old version first!

Download  M4.EXE . Save the EXE-file in the M4 program folder (eg C:\Program files\m4 ). Note that the help files not are updated by this procedure. (file size ca 2,5 MB,  updated 2013-03-08)

More info about the program can be found here. (ca 750 kB, PDF-file).

Download (XP-version) M4-version that can use 1 million data lines with Office 2007 (slower than the version above)



Further info: